Fox News has a clear, straight to the point, report of the salmonella outbreak in Iowa reported from the House of Representatives. Chief Peter DeCoster who is in charge of the egg operation is found quoted in this report. This type of media coverage is an unbiased report to the pubic and is also an apology to those affected by the outbreak. This article can be found HERE. The article “Health Officials: 1,300 Sickened in Salmonella Outbreak” published by FOX News and contributed by The Associated Press goes into details of the salmonella breakout. There are direct quotes from officials and information gathered from health officials such as the CDC and FDA. This article also informs the readers of the most common symptoms of salmonella, how eggs can get infected with this bacteria, and recommendations for consuming eggs safely. This article can be read HERE.

A similar coverage of egg recall in Iowa can be found HERE, this one reported by the Los Angeles Times. The article published by the LATimes focuses more on explaining to the readers the investigation process of this issue and presenting their report with actual numbers such as giving the readers an estimated number of possible salmonella infections. This article is an unbiased report and gives you factual information.

CNN approaches this issue in a different way. CNN reports the salmonella outbreak as a story and presents it in the perspective of a woman who has been directly affected by salmonella. The article describes how she is handling her illness and there are direct quotes from her throughout the article which makes the article “her story.” More can be read HERE. This type of coverage targets the readers through emotions and sympathy by presenting a follow up cause and effect story of a woman who was affected by this infection.