The day the FDA issued the briefing of GE salmon, Reuters had published an article called, “Biotech salmon faces scrutiny at FDA panel” written by Susan Heavey, which can be found HERE. The writer presents the issue in a quizzical manner. She questions the FDA and gives evidence of why GE salmon should not be allowed. The writer backs her criticizing opinions of GE salmon by interviewing groups such as the Center for Food Safety and Food & Water Watch and Consumers Union. Also, she reports that there were protesters to President Barack Obama against the public meeting which was on the same day when the FDA approval briefing had been issued. The writer also quoted a member of Aqua Bounty concerning of the genetically modified labelings.

The Atlantic addresses the same issue. Barry Estabrook reports on a similar topic called “Feds on GMO labeling: Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask.” This article is particularly interesting because he directly addresses how United State government officials approach this topic. He reports to the readers of what the Obama administration thinks of this certain issue. The writer directly attacks President Barack Obama and his administration accusing him of lying to the public and expresses negative opinions towards the government not doing their job in protecting the public.