Just after two days, the New York Times runs an article on a blog written by John C. Rudolf called “Gulf Seafood Is Safe, Officials Say.” The title itself expresses his skepticism of what the federal government has to say about the safety of the seafood in the gulf. The blog also quotes Margaret A. Hamburg who was quoted in the NOAA and FDA news report. However, the writer uses Hamburg’s comment against the federal government. The article expresses concern of the public’s health safety but also challenges and questions whether the government is telling the truth or hiding the facts.

The next day after the New York Times posts its blog, TIME publishes”Gulf Seafood Is Safe to Eat, FDA and NOAA Say,” written by Meredith Melnick. The article starts with a picture employers cleaning fresh looking white shrimp. It presents nothing but positive outlook on the safety of the seafood in the gulf. However, the first sentence of the article claiming a small percentage of the water is available for fishing. The media states the names of the director of the NOAA, scientists, the FDA, and even President Barack Obama as a reliable credentials in order to appeal to the readers. It is more interesting to read the comments of the article. Many of the readers commented and shared this article using Twitter. The tone of the commenters seem like the are mocking at the fact that the government announced that the seafood is safe to eat. What do you think?