In October 29, 2010, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through Meghan Scott in FDA issued a safety news report titled “NOAA and FDA announce chemical test for dispersant in Gulf seafood” in response to the tragic BP’s oil spill. The report states that they have experimented several tests to determine that the seafood in the Gulf of Mexico waters is safe to consume. There were two tests conducted. The first test consisted of a sensory analysis conducted by experts to determine the severity of contaminations of the seafood that would be consumed by the people. In the report, it states that there has been a second test issued in order to reassure the public. The second test was issued to test tissue samples in order to detect dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DOSS) in the waters.

Jane Lubchenco, Secretary for Commerce and NOAA administrator, states that they have carried out tedious testings on the gulf in order to make the public feel safe in consuming seafood.  The report continues with endless evidence of samples that were tested and has an credible source, Margaret A. Hamburg who is an M.D. of the FDA to help verify their statement. The report provides the exact number of how many samples were collected for testing and the variety of samples they had to test for DOSS. They concluded that most of the finfish easily metabolize the DOSS therefore, there are none to trace in the fish itself.