In the New York Times, Walt Bogdanich reports in “F.D.A. Urges Two Steps for Safer CT Scans” published in November 9, 2010. His first sentence insinuates that the FDA points fingers to the CT manufacturers for causing this mishap. Bogdanich also writes that the FDA official does not know exactly how many radiation overdoses there have been in the past years due to the vague standards of when it was appropriate to report overdoses.

The same news coverage of the CT scan can be found on the radio on WASU News Talk on 550 AM and 99.9 FM which was referred from Reuters by Julie Steenhuysen. The article, “FDA pushes to make CT diagnostic scans safer” has a positive outlook for the FDA. It is written in a positive tone implying that the FDA is working hard to issue safer regulations educating the people on how to use the machines accurately and effectively. It states that the FDA is hoping that these new changes will deter future problems. It then informs the public that the FDA is is doing their job by investigating what had actually happened, how and where it prosed a problem. The report also includes that the FDA is working with industry groups such as Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance in order to solve and prevent problematic issues in the future. The report acknowledges that the FDA is concerned and is well aware that the highest overdose in radiation is in the state of Alabama. Overall, in this particular coverage, the reporter is backing the FDA and informing the citizens that the government is doing their job by quickly investigating this situation and hopes to solve the issue and to diminish future problems.

In the National Public Radio (NPR) news, The Associated Press reports an interesting view in the “Feds Dismiss Misconduct Claims at FDA Device Unit” published in November 9, 2010. This report is very critical of the federal government for allowing the FDA to disregard the safety measures of the CT scans to the patients. The report attacks the government for not furthering their investigation with the FDA and states that this same problem happened last year and the case was reopened for investigation due to the requests from advocacy groups. It states as does the FDA original report, that the machines are safe to use, only if they are properly used.

Unlike, the FDA press reports, main-stream media reports on the specific manufacturers who are responsible in causing CT radiation overdoses. They also inform the public that there was never a strict guideline of when and how to report radiation overdoses. This raises few eyebrows of certain citizens. This is an example of why as citizens of America, it is our duty to be well-informed of the current events and to determine what the truth is among the ‘fluffs’ in the media.