Refer to the original post of salmonella outbreak issued by the FDA, titled “Salmonella.”

Another recent salmonella update has been provided by the FDA. In their most recent news report states that “Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Conducts Voluntary Egg Recall.” Cal-Maine Foods, Inc is located in Jackson, Mississippi which is currently the biggest company in charge of the distribution and packaging of egg shells. The actual suppliers of eggs come from Ohio Fresh Eggs, LLC, located in Croton, Ohio. The problem was that Cal-Maine received an estimated of 24,000 dozen unprocessed eggs which were then shipped to an egg packaging company in Arkansas. These packaged eggs were then dispersed among eight retailers located in different states.This report lists which of the egg packagings have been included in the recall investigation. The report provides descriptions of the products and also the expiration dates that can be found on the egg cartons.