CBS News covers the news in their “Salmonella Scare Prompts Egg Recall” published by The Associated Press. The news covers the broad perspective of the on-going investigations of the egg recall since few months ago. Then it informs the readers of how the salmonella breakout started in Ohio. It also informs the public of who is responsible of this huge outbreak thanks to Austin Jack DeCoster who is the owner of the Wright County Egg. The interesting point to take from the media versus the FDA report is that the news media covers more of a dramatized coverage of how DeCoster is the culprit in spreading the salmonella due to his laundering with money, and listing the records of problems with the federal government concerning different issues in previous years.

In “Jack DeCoster’s Salmonella Touch: Another massive egg recall” written by Rady Ananda, a contributing writer posts in the activist post under conspiracy reports. In contrast to the CBS News coverage in the previous paragraph, Ananda scoldingly attacks Jack DeCoster for another massive salmonella outbreaks. The entire coverage backslashes DeCoster and his inappropriate behavior in handling his position as an owner of Wright County Egg. DeCoster has been involved in egg recalls due to several salmonella poisonings and also mentions that he has a long history of being in trouble with laws dealing with the environmental and labor. Overall, this activist writes in order to inform the readers and the public the corrupted owner of the Wright County Egg company and even though the FDA report does not mention his specific name, the activist is sure to write not only DeCoster’s name but about his previous run-ins with the law.