Morning of November 30, 2010, there was an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 73 to 25 for passing of a newly revised Food Safety Modernization Act (PDF) in the U.S. Senate–which was first introduced back in 2009. The bill is sponsored by a Democratic senator Richard Durbin from IL. If the bill was to pass, it will give more power to the Food and Drug Administration in order to increase the regulation of food and other medical safety. The previous bill had already allowed powers to the secretary of Health and Human Services in order to have the sole control of overseeing the inspection of food safety and requiring food permit inspection for certain cases. More of the summary of the Food Safety Modernization Act (2009) that was passed can be read HERE.

The modified bill gives direct powers to the Food and Drug Administration specifically in regulating food products and also administering the imports and exports. The cost estimate of this food safety modernization act can be viewed HERE. If the bill is to pass, there will be an increase in financial fundings to the FDA. The new legislation will give the power to the FDA to directly recall food products rather than depending on the manufacturers to recall the products. Hopefully, this bill can decrease the numerous number of recalls and illnesses documented just this past year.

In response to the passing of the bill in Senate this morning, Office of the Press Secretary immediately released a statement for President Barack Obama. President Obama recognizes the importance of the passing of this Act and congratulates the Senate in their accomplishment. He is in approval with the Senate with their decisions in approving this Act and strongly recommends the House to follow suit. He believes that this is a step into the right direction especially with all the food recalls that we have been experiencing within this past year. More can be read HERE.