Reading a bill or any legal document is difficult to understand for the average person. CNN’s “S.510: Food Safety Modernization Act-the basics” does a pretty good job in covering the basic information of the bill to understand what is going on in congress right now. The first thing you’ll see if you click on the embedded link is a picture of someone making eggs. The picture emphasizes the importance of reducing salmonella in eggs (which has been a huge issue this past year and has been negatively affecting consumer’s health) because it is a common food consumed by Americans. The article states key points about the bill. A feature at the bottom of the article, there is a Facebook “recommend” button. This allows the readers to further spread the message with a click of a button.

Another article in CNN titled “Senate Approves Long-Delayed Food Safety Bill” gives you an overview of why the bill was passed, how it was passed and what this bill now means. The most interesting thing about this article are the comments from the readers. From the previous blog post, “Salmonella: Media’s response to the Food and Safety Modernization Act (03 Dec 2010),” it can be seen that there are discrepancies between how the media covers the topic versus what the readers think of the government on this particular bill. The readers are voicing their negative opinions against the government and are disgusted with the government’s desire to control what the people eat. Commenters are joking amongst one another to be careful of what you grow in your own backyard. Also, questioning the purpose of passing the bill because Americans wont be able to afford the food with the possibility of the government expanding its funds to the FDA. This particular article has been Facebook recommended 2000 times. It is important that modern media targets Facebook, Twitter, and email forwards in order to spread their news coverage.

The video titled, “The Food, the Bad and the Ugly” (The Daily Show: video format) is of Jon Stewart in his Daily Show expressing his opinions of the bill. He recognizes that there are several attacks and backslashes against the bill that was passed. He provides the viewers with necessary facts and informs them of what the bill is about. He presents both side of the story. He sees why people are concerned if the bill becomes a law but also, in a light manner, he was excited with the fact that Congress was able to pass a bill.