The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a statement on April 3, 2012 warning the public and medical practices of the purchased counterfeit drug, “Altuzan.”

“Medical practices that purchase and administer illegal and unapproved foreign medications are putting patients at risk of exposure to drugs that may be fake, contaminated, improperly stored and transported, ineffective, and dangerous.” –FDA

Key information about Avastin and Altuzan:

  • They are both the “same” drug; contains the same active ingredient (Bevacizumab) – FDA Drug Report
  • Avastin is the FDA approved brand name drug containing the active ingredient. Altuzan is the brand name drug of Avastin in Turkey.
  • “The only Avastin that can be legally purchased by wholesalers in the United States is FDA approved Avastin manufactured by Genentech.” – Charlotte Arnold (Associated Press reporter Matthew Perrone via The Examiner)
  • “Avastin is a prescription-only medicine that is a solution for intravenous infusion.” – Genentech
  • Intravenous infusion – a method in which a drug is administered directly into the vein using a syringe to slowly inject the medication with a combination of fluid. This other “fluid” administered with the drug is usually an electrolyte solution. This is one of the most effective ways to deliver a drug or chemical into the body because the drug is administered straight into the bloodstream and most likely travel rapidly to the brain.
Avastin is an effective drug that can tremendously help save cancer patients. However, FDA issued a report recently of finding fake Avastin, named under the Turkish name, Altuzan, circulating within the medical practices in the United States. According to report from CBS News Armen Keteyian, “As many as 19 medical practices in the U.S. purchased a version of Avastin that turned out to be from outside this country and contained no active ingredients. Some vials had little more than salt and starch.”
How could fake drugs enter the United States so easily and potentially create danger to already vulnerable patients?
“According to British authorities, 82 of the counterfeit vials were shipped to the U.S. by River East Supplies, located in the U.K. and owned by Canadian businessman Tom Haughton. Haughton is currently under federal investigation for shipping counterfeit Avastin into the U.S., offering Avastin for about $2,000 a vial — some $400 less than the manufacturer’s price.” – CBS News
“U.S. practices bought Altuzan and “other unapproved products” from foreign sources, particularly Richards Pharma, also known as Richards Services, Warwick Healthcare Solutions, or Ban Dune Marketing Inc (BDMI), the agency said.” –USA Today
 According to my readings, the mass media reported accurate information concerning about the fake cancer drug, Avastin. The press release and safety reports about fake Avastin was issued from FDA on April 3rd.
Check out the video below from CBS News for a summary report of the fake cancer drug.

CBS News