Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly referred as Obamacare, has been in the hot seat since 2009 when it was first proposed as Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act H.R. 3590. But it was just recently when Obamacare was brought back into the media in full swing.

On April 2, 2012, President Barack Obama along with President Calderon of Mexico and the Prime Minister Harper of Canada held a joint press conference at the Rose Garden. During the conference, President Obama was asked by reporter Julianna in regards to the on-going investigation of the health care act by the supreme court and “… if it were to be ruled unconstitutional, how would you still guarantee health care to the uninsured and those Americans who’ve become insured as a result of the law?”

In response, President Obama answered:

“Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.  And I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint — that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.” – President Obama (April 02, 2012)

According to reporter David Jackson from USA TODAY, it is unusual for a president to “predict” or make a bold public statement in regards to an ongoing determinant of the health care law. There has been several sharp cutting critics in the media related to this recent event.

“Presidents should generally refrain from commenting on pending cases during the process of judicial deliberation…” – Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe (The Washington Post via USA TODAY)

Radio talk show and attorney Mark Levin states that “[Obama] is trying to influence and intimidate because none of the points he made yesterday [Tuesday] or the day before [Monday] were even legal points. They were not even Constitutional points, they were absurd points.”Fox News

There are several different ideas floating around the news about what happened on Monday. Did President Obama really make a mistake or did he purposely make a bold statement to pressure the supreme court to rule in his favor or to blame the Republican dominant justices if the law was to be rejected. There is another idea floating around the media saying that this is “Obama Setting Up Supreme Court As A Campaign Issue” (NPR News).

“Then the president personally went after the Supreme Court for seriously questioning the constitutional validity of “Obamacare.””Ron Bonjean, U.S. News

Is this really a campaign strategy from the Democrats?

A month ago with the divided Republican primaries, the Obama campaign were portraying confidence that President Obama will be reelected this upcoming election. However, it was just few weeks ago when everything for the Democrats have been in a downward spiral. President Obama’s budget plan was unanimously rejected by the House (03/28/12) in a 0-414 vote, gas prices are continuously increasing throughout the United States, and now more recently, Obama’s proposed health care plan is to be determined by the supreme court.

According to Ron Bonjean, owner of The Bonjean Company – public affairs firm, analyzes that “The Obama campaign pushed the panic button, went on the offensive, and it backfired. The political narrative has changed, dramatically forcing the hand of Democratic strategists.”U.S. News

With all the negative media reports, they slip to mention that President Obama also included the following during the conference:

“And I think it’s important, and I think the American people understand, and the I think the justices should understand, that in the absence of an individual mandate, you cannot have a mechanism to ensure that people with preexisting conditions can actually get health care.  So there’s not only a economic element to this, and a legal element to this, but there’s a human element to this.  And I hope that’s not forgotten in this political debate.” -President Obama (April 02, 2012 -The Rose Garden)

These are answers quoted from the President during the conferece. The entire text can be found on the website: White House-Briefing Room.

This is a video of Press Secretary Jay Carney defending President Obama’s remark from Monday.