Victory…for the Democrats and for President Obama.

Yesterday seemed like a momentous moment for the Democratic party and for President Barack Obama. The supreme court ruled in favor for the health care law in a ruling of 5-4, with a favor from five different justices. On what ground is this law constitutional?

“The court said the health law’s individual mandate, which requires most taxpayers to either buy insurance or pay a penalty, is a tax and is constitutional. The court also altered the law’s Medicaid expansion without striking it down entirely.” – Sam Baker, The Hill

Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed by former president George W. Bush, ruled in favor for the law which may have surprised the Republicans. However, Chief Justice opinion of the court explains that the Affordable Care Act is described as a “penalty” not as a “tax.” It also mentions that

Upholding the Affordable Care Act under the Commerce Clause would give Congress the same license to regulate what people do not do (Part III-a) – Syllabus of SCOTUS

Basically, the affordable care act will be implemented in 2014. If you do not purchase or already own a health insurance, you will have to pay a penalty fee. This is another form of taxing, as Fox News states.

“Rubio warned that the law would hurt economic growth, in part by letting the IRS fine — or rather, tax — Americans who don’t buy health insurance.” – Fox News

For more in-dept reading and explanation of the legality of the ruling, check out SCOTUS Blog.

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And just for fun fact, both CNN and Fox News initially reported inaccurately that the law was struck down because it was unconstitutional – Read here.

CNN – Providing colorful pictures from the ruling of 2012 health care to Marbury vs. Madison (1803) interactive slide show, it starts the news report with the word “taxes.” It highlights that this newly approved act is another form of taxing the American people. CNN also provides a statement from an earlier interview with President Obama where he compares that the ACA is similar to the “state requirements that motorists carry auto insurance.” CNN also reports a statement from a political scientist of University of Minnesota, Lawrence Jacobs, which he claims that this act is a democratic taxing bill. CNN ends the report with Jacobs explaining that some people will be exempted from the mandate due to other reasons such as poverty or conflict in religious beliefs. CNN also provided in a different report, the three impacts from the ruling of the ACA. It was informative and educational to the readers. CNN political ticker also stated presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised $4.6 million in fund this morning (Friday). This amount of money also included the donations from 47,000 contributors within the first hour after the ruling –read more here.

Fox News – There is a video segment, short of one minute or so of two reporters greeting the readers of Fox News report. There is also a map of the United States shown in this video with 26 states highlighted. These states are to opt out of the health care law by doing nothing. The reporter from Chicago reports that there are “…2,700 pages of legal language in the act.” The report is rather short. It explains to the readers that those 26 states will do nothing to enforce the law but will come together by joining powers to help elect as many Republicans in upcoming November election. Fox News provides information of the health care ruling but also the determined measures of appealing this act in various reports.

An infographic with various opinions and reactions from the governors of few different states – created by Chris Cantrell and Katie Sheedy – interesting graph to show you the different reactions from the few states listed. Some are in favor, others are not, and few are lukewarm to the ACA.

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What is your opinion of the ACA and the outcome of the SCOTUS ruling?