An economic perspective for the benefits of universal coverage for the United States.

Class War In America

We are told that a serious shortage of doctors is coming, all over the world. But maybe that’s not quite true. What is coming may be a shortage of medical treatment. There are many medical services that do not require a physician, and there are far better ways of training physicians than we practice. And that’s not even our main medical problem.

In the US, we handicap ourselves because physician training is so expensive. Many people who might become physicians opt out for that reason, and we are left with a worsening shortage. In addition, a newly minted physician in the US begins practicing with $200,000 in debt, which requires high income from the first, which we have to pay for. We could do a lot better.

In the nations with the best national medical services, the government pays for physician training. In those nations there is no big debt…

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