The purpose of Health Issues and Health Policy’s blog is to promote and to educate what is going on today in society by examining the health related current events.

Initially, this was specifically designed for the Fall ’10 POSC 472: Media and Politics course at James Madison University. The assignment was to investigate how the media approached and disclosed new information to the American people. It was also to determine the goals and motives of the U.S. Government utilizing traditional media in order to communicate with the public.

Even though I have completed the course and the assignment, I will be continuing to post relevant health-related articles and analyze them in various political viewpoints. The topics I will be writing about are various health-related issues.

Ji Lee

B.S. Biology, James Madison University ’12

M.S. Health and Medical Policy Candidate, George Mason University – School of Public Policy

Healthcare policy intern at American Action Forum

Views and opinions are of my own.

Health policy opinions via policyinterns (written by Ji Lee)